Ice Cream Menu

We are very proud to be serving Snoqualmie Gourmet ice cream.  We invite you to visit their website (click on their name) to learn more about their products.

ice cream treats

20 Flavors as Single or Double, in a Sugar Cone, Cake Cone, Homemade Waffle Cone,
or a Little Lucy Cone - so many choices, but it's worth it!
Hand Packed Pints
Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches
ice cream cakes and pies

ice cream drinks

Milk Shake
Root Beer Float
Boston Cooler (ginger ale and ice cream)
Coffee or Cocoa Float
Sorbet Freeze


Create the sundae of your dreams!  We have an assortment of homemade sauces, traditional and creative toppings, the appropriate nuts, fresh whipped cream,
and even a cherry waiting to be placed on top!
If you're having trouble making a decision, then check out our specialty sundaes


 sauces: hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow, strawberry dry toppings include: rainbow
 sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, mini M&Ms, crushed Oreos, shredded coconut,
tart cherries, toffee bits, gummy worms, mini marshmallows
nuts: peanuts, pecans, sliced almonds