Tea Menu


Tippy Earl Grey – A high quality black tea in a classic recipe of subtle essences of ripe citrus fruit and lavender that emit a calming aroma and smooth taste.

Napalese Afternoon Tea – Grown at the base of Mount Everest this pure bio-organic black tea is infused with lotus, honey and fragrant sandalwood.

Madagascar Vanilla – Rich black tea with slices of real vanilla bean produce a deep flavor which incorporates notes of rum, sweet earth and tropical flowers. This is a smooth and exotic tea.


Sugar Caramel Oolong – Premium green oolong leaves infused with the sweet essence of rich caramel and burnt sugar. Complex Balance of subtle, lingering floral notes and a deep sweetness.

Coconut Pouchong – Long green tea leaves of rare elegance and subtle young coconut compose this South Pacific delicacy that has a tropical sweetness and exquisite bouquet.


Organic Green Tea – Long slender green tea leaves produce a smooth, mellow tea with exquisite flavor. Sweet and Clean in flavor this green tea is organically grown.

Jasmine Pearls – Freshly picked green tea leaves layered with aromatic jasmine petals. A smooth, elegant tea of refinement and character.

Moroccan Mint – Green gunpowder tea infused with fragrant mint leaves make this tea extremely refreshing.


White Licorice – White tea leaves are perfumed with deep essence of licorice and mingled with star anis to produce an intriguing, luscious and sensual tea.

White Persian Melon – Rare white tea leaves are enlivened with the nectar of succulent melon to create a tea that is light, refreshing and deliciously exotic.


Chamomile Lemon – Calming chamomile is blended with lemon balm, linden flower and orange blossoms to create this fragrant and complex herbal infusion.

Orange Ginger Mint – This lusciously fruity herbal infusion is great after a meal. The spicy ginger can sooth the digestive system, the fragrant mint can calm the stomach, and the orange bergamot adds the right amount of sweetness.